Soda Quackers Past Entries

2013-Desdemona Duck, Golden Dinosaur Award


Our first entry was a duck made largely of soda bottles, spurring the name Soda Quackers.  Her name reflects her great beauty, although unlike her Skakespearan character, she did not have an ill-fated end.  With a strong team, she recovered from her early breakdown to successfully complete the race, winning the Golden Dinosaur Award for being the first to breakdown.

2014-Sweet Wynona Whale


Our second entry delighted crowds by rolling her eyes and flipping her tail as she steadly pursued a cake celebrating her 16th birthday.  While strong in spirit, she did not win any awards.

2015-Anuli, The Articulated Giraffe, Engineering Award


In 2015, the Soda Quackers team greatly expanded, or let's say, lengthened their sculpture to create a giraffe whose long neck was controlled by the pilots to raise and lower.  Pilots also controlled its eyes and tongue, making Anuli truly seem alive.  Her many talents earned her the Engineering Award.  

2016-Stumpti the Tremendous Stork, Best Costumes


There's a long story behind Stumpti's existence, so let's just say that she is of Lithuania origins and knows how to deliver! The team fully supported her effort with creativity and bravery, which did not go unnoticed by the judges who awarded them Best Costumes.

2017-BEATrice the UnBEATable, Engineering Award


The theme of food inspired the Soda Quackers team to design the first four-pilot combo mixer and blender, with pilots able to rotate and raise and lower the beaters as balloons bounced about in the mixer. The judges were again impressed with the team's ingenuity, bestowing upon them the Engineering Award.

2018-Team Takes a Break


The Soda Quackers did not participate in 2018, but did stay in shape by cycling pub to pub in Philadelphia.  We're now ready to compete again in 2019!