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Welcome to Our Members Page!

Here we share construction updates and ideas during race season, and general announcements throughout the year.  

We will be celebrating our 2019 success this Saturday, May 11 with a picnic pot luck at Meg & Jim's.  Check your email for details. 

Our 2019 creation, Pandora's Hell Bent Kitchen  is based off the realty TV show Hell's Kitchen. The Dragon is Pandora, who leads the way as the first of womankind,  with gifts bestowed upon her  from all of the Gods, which she then uses to spread evil from the contents of her jar.  Or, in this rendition, her mixing bowl.   Rising from behind is her accomplice, the Devil Chef, who joins her in whipping up evil.

Our youngest team member Willow proudly shows off our big win this year, the Grand East Coast National Mediocre Champion.  This top award is an automatic entry into the Kinetic Grand Championship in Ferndale, California. 


Pandora's Hell bent kitchen theme song: fire

Get fired up for Pandora's Hell Bent Kitchen!