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Soda Quackers

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Soda Quackers "Gear UP" for 2019

Who We Are


We're an assortment of longtime & new found friends who bring together a wide range of talents and good humor in order to create a manpowered vehicle that can meet the challenges of a 14-mile race! 

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What is a Kinetic Sculpture Race?


Kinetic sculpture races are organized contests of human powered amphibious all-terrain works of art.  The original event started in Ferndale, California in 1969.  Today races are held in several cities around the country, with the winner of each race competing in a World Championship event. 

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The Baltimore Race


The Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race is held every year in May, sponsored by the American Visionary Art Museum.   The Soda Quackers are well-known participants, having won awards for engineering, costumes, and one year, for being the first to break down!

2019 race details here

The Soda Quackers Team


Click above for a list of this year's team members which includes the Constructors, Artists, Pilots, Pit Crew, and other support staff.  Want to join our team?  Contact us for more information

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Race Day - May 4, 2019


This year's theme is about reality TV and the Soda Quackers are cooking up quite an engaging and devilish entrée! 

Construction & Event Calendar

Members Corner - Updates!


Our construction needs, updates, and progress can be found here. With only weeks left to go, visit this page often for important announcements and event details.

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